You've been bridged!

Never fall out of contact again ever - unless you choose to! Your device knows already who you call and text and who calls and texts you... it also knows who you haven't been in contact with, that's the magic! The app harnesses that knowledge and puts it to work, it’s that simple! You will receive a push if you fall beyond your selected duration with any contact (out of touch)...

Easily preference each contact Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or Exempt. Worried your contact list is too big? Don't be, we figured that out too, we need just 30 seconds a day until your contact list is complete. Absolutely maintain contact and enrich your relationships and/or your wallet. Excellent sales tool! Will help all professionals, sales and service to better connect with customers and clients EFFORTLESSLY, and with no memory needed. Great way to stay in touch with our nieces, nephews, cousins, anybody!

You may easily “Dust” your unwanted contacts as well with the push of the “Troll”. Download now to meet your troll!


Some features to make the bridged app your good ally

  • synchronization
    Automatic synchronization

    With contacts in the device

  • reminders
    Set preferences

    For periodic reminders and means of contacting

  • preferences
    Your device already knows!

    Use that knowledge to enrich your wallet, A great sales tool! CRM

    Enrich your soul, best personal relations manager ever! PRM

  • activity
    Manage app activity

    Set periods of hibernation and activity for the app

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